Installation of plasterboards

It is a universal, economical, convenient, fast, eco-friendly and flexible method which is used not only to separate rooms using partitions, but to also install ceiling with hidden lights and decorate the home interior. We use KNAUF plasterboard installation system for interior finishing, which helps create a unique home.

Wall and ceiling plastering, painting, wallpapering

(wall plastering, polishing, priming, painting, preparations of walls for wallpapering). Wall and ceiling plastering and painting is work that requires particular diligence and professionalism, since the look of the entire home, as well as the sense of quality of the home space depends on it. Only a properly prepared surface and high quality paint which sticks well to the walls guarantee a wonderful result. For those who want colourful, patterned walls, we offer wallpapering works (wall covering and application of various types of wallpaper, using paper, acrylic, vinyl, textile, velvet or photo wallpaper).


Since tiles are probably the most rarely replaced interior finishing materials, we pay particular attention to them. Whether they will serve for a long period of time depends not only on the quality of the tiles, but also on the professionalism of the worker. Therefore, before tiling, we first make sure that the foundation for tiling is even. If the foundation is uneven, we even out the surface with a levelling mixture. We also help select floor and wall tiles, since different types of tiles are used for different surfaces.

Floor laying

For those who want to install home floors, we offer a wide range of services: from floor basis levelling to the installation of wooden floors, application of parquet boards, parquet, laminate laying, linoleum installation, carpet laying, as well as the installation of wooden and PVC baseboards. When observing the sequence of interior finishing works, we carry out floor laying works when the walls are already plastered, tiled and other interior finishing works are carried out.

Electrical installation works

Before beginning wall and floor works, we always coordinate the installation of electricity and its need for home lighting. When carrying out electrical installation and lighting installation works, we recommend consulting with interior designers, as later there might be additional actions and problems when transferring electrical installation points.

Designer consultations

An observant eye and advice of a professional interior designer is often necessary for the home to be unique, cozy and comfortable to live in, as well as to create harmony. How to match several different styles? What tiles to choose? Does one color match with the other? How to arrange lighting? Our consultants – interior designers will be happy to answer these and other questions. You will be able to not only receive advice, but to also take the consultants with you while visiting shopping centers and salons when choosing your interior finishing materials.

Other works

We carry out internal plumbing works – we install all the sanitary equipment: bathtubs, showers, toilets, sinks, we connect the washing machine, etc., we also provide electrical lighting installation services, waterproofing installation and ventilation works. When necessary, we provide demolition-dismantling, construction waste disposal services, as well as take care of the materials necessary for the interior finishing works – their purchase, transportation and carrying up.

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