Our work principles:

  • We carry out interior finishing works qualitatively and meet the agreed work execution deadlines.
  • We take full responsibility for our carried out works – we provide a warranty for all of our interior finishing works.
  • We save your time – according to the individual needs of the customer, we select and purchase construction and finishing materials, as well as take care of their delivery.
  • We communicate with our customers honestly and openly, as well as answer all of their questions promptly and clearly.
  • We try to work without disturbing the neighbours and try to ensure the least possible discomfort during the constructions.
  • We try to keep the work place area as clean as possible.

Work process sequence:

  1. Initial contact by e-mail or telephone. Determination of your needs.
  2. Inquiry evaluation within 24 hours and preliminary work scope evaluation (work duration / start-end / finances).
  3. Visiting the object – your home. Clarification of specific needs
  4. Formation of an estimate. Confirmation.
  5. Work schedule coordination (possible work stages).
  6. Advance payment.
  7. Work execution. Room cleaning – removal of construction waste.
  8. Work transfer-acceptance.
  9. Final payment.
  10. Warranty period – time intended for corrections (1-2 weeks).
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