Time, work and quality has its price. We happily offer our services for those who are looking for a reasonable quality and price ratio. We can only remind those who are looking for the cheapest option that a good item or a high quality service cannot be the cheapest in the market.
We save your time and money – therefore we offer high quality and professionalism for an affordable price.
Let HIGH QUALITY into your home and you will be able to enjoy your home for a very long time.

We set the prices for interior finishing works individually, based on the needs and requests of each customer. We can only indicate an immediate preliminary price for house or apartment interior finishing, after you provide information about your home and the preferred services. Finishing work prices depend on the condition of your home, work scope, selected materials and agreed deadlines.
If you want to find out the cost of the installation of your home, please contact us by phone
+370 641 444 40 or write us an e-mail.

We will form an estimate for your interior finishing works, as well as happily answer all of your questions free of charge.

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